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Russia's 2018 FIFA World Cup will bring hundred of thousands of people to the world's biggest country. 11 cities. 64 games. 1 winner. What are you waiting for? Zoom to it! Scroll on down for our handy guide on everything you need to know about visas, staying safe, travel insurance and making the most of your World Cup adventure. Zoom's Russia travel insurance has you covered for any unexpected holiday hurdles, including medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, family emergencies and more!


Watch the world's best teams play for the top prize against the backdrop of Mother Russia's fairytale cathedrals, brutal Soviet slabs and breathtaking natural landscapes.

No matter which kind of Russian World Cup experience you're planning, Zoom can cover your trip with a range of plans.  You can minimise your costs with Medical Only cover, or choose to buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance for extra protection to cover things like travel delays and cancellation. Compare Zoom's Travel Insurance plans online today.


Nope! While getting a visa for Russia is a costly and laborious experience, foreign travellers visiting for the World Cup (June 14 - July 15, and the ten days before and after) don’t need one. You will need:
  • Your passport, with six months validity
  • A match ticket
  • A FAN ID
A FAN ID is an identification card you register for online, which gets you into Russia and the World Cup stadiums, and onto free public transport.

If you’re planning stay longer, you will need to apply for a visa well before you depart. The Russians don’t mess around – if you require a visa and arrive in a Russian airport without one, you’ll face a significant fine, be held in detention and deported.

All arrivals to Russia will receive an electronic migration card - be sure to keep this with your passport so you can leave without a fuss.

World Cup arrivals need to register their accomodation with the authorities - don't worry, most hotels and hostels will do this for you, but you're legally responsible, so just check with the reception when you arrive. If you're in a homestay or other unusual accomodation arrangement, confirm they've registered you, or stop in at the post office to register yourself.

This information may change quickly, so check with your nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate for the most up-to-date information.


Doctors recommend that all travellers have their routine vaccinations up to date. These include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), polio, varicella (chickenpox), the diptheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine and your yearly flu shot. Haven’t had a tetanus booster in the last ten years? Ask your doctor about it. Also strongly recommended is the hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines. 


With the last phase of tickets going on sale on March 13th, and some return flights to Moscow for as little as $1500AUD, it's not too late to get in on the action! Tickets will be available on the FIFA website.


Your match ticket and FAN ID make you eligible for the free additional trains running to and from host cities. Book your train tickets here

For the rest of your travels within Russia, the underground metro or metrotram is a superfast way to get around seven of the host cities - Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Nizkny Vovgorod, Samara, Ekaterinburg and Volograd. They generally run from 6am - 12am, and cost around 25-55 roubles per one way trip. 

The suburban commuter trains cover the the cities and the large suburban catchments around them. Ticket prices are determined by fare distance, with one-way and 24-hour return trip tickets available at most stations (if there is no terminal, a ticket may be purchased on board the train).

If you're going above ground, the bus times are usually on the bus stops - familiarise yourself with the Cyrillic script and the equivalent sounds in English (see our top tips) so you can figure out where you're going, or can ask the bus driver for assistance. 

Minibuses are very common in most Russian cities, and will stop anywhere along the line a passenger asks, not just at the bus stops. These routes have their own timetables, and run from around 6am to 8pm, or even later into the night in the biggest cities.  

Taxis are a good way to get around late at night, and are fairly comparable to major European cities in cost, at around 500-600 roubles for a thirty minute trip. If there is no meter in the taxi, make sure you agree to a cost before departure. 


Let's not beat around the bush - Russia has laws which actively criminalise LGBTI people and their relationships, and the deeply conservative Russian government and culture has allowed homophobic thugs to act with impunity. Russia, like many countries, also has a signficant problem with racism, particularly within the football community. While Russia and FIFA are doing their utmost to put a more tolerant front on, and the huge influx of people from all over the world may be protective, we recommend travelling in groups with people you trust where possible, and avoiding travel in poorly lit areas late at night.


Couldn't get a ticket to all the matches you wanted to? Each of the host cities has a designated FIFA Fan Festival area, with matches broadcast live, as well as as much of Russia's unique and complex culture as they can fit into a town square.


Russia's big city bouncers practice 'face control' - snap judgements on your wealth, attractiveness and status. In Australia, New Zealand or the UK, women find it easy to get into clubs while groups of men often find themselves out in the cold - in Russia, it's the other way around! So if you're going out for a night on the town, be sure to dress up!

For a truly Russian food experience, try the СТОЛОВАЯ - dining halls, similar to an American school cafeteria - which offer affordable traditional Soviet cuisine.

Russia is notorious for digital scammers, so avoid public Wi-Fi (which is rarely secured) and make sure you use strong passwords. Consider taking an old phone without all your information in it in case it is lost or stolen.

The Russian alphabet might look daunting, but once you learn the equivalent sounds in English for each letter, you'll find your experience in Russia infinitely more enjoyable. Check it out here. Get a map with English and Russian to get you home safely. Consider downloading the Google Translate language offline pack for Russian onto your phone as well.

Hoo boy! After the explosion of car ownership after the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow has some of the worst traffic in the world. Don' try to drive. You will do your head in.


Are you planning to zoom somewhere else on your holidays? If you're seeing Russia's European or Chinese neighbours, we've got plenty of helpful advice on other popular travel destinations to check out. What are you waiting for? Zoom to it!


Our travel experts might be able to point you in the right direction, and your question might help other travellers too! Comment on our Facebook page to start a conversation :)


Medical cover

medical cover

Relax knowing that your hospital expenses are covered with Zoom's unlimited medical coverage. Zoom to top notch cover!

travel delays

Travel delays

Setbacks on your sojourn are never much fun. Cover your Russian travel disruptions  in a flash with Zoom travel cover. We keep things zippy!

luggage cover


Your stuff is precious and we get that. Take off on your adventure in Russia knowing your luggage is protected with Zoom.

Family emergencies

Family emergencies

Had to rush home or cancel your trip due to a family emergency? We'll cover your non-refundable deposits so you can focus on the rest.

kids go free

kids go free

Family holiday to the Russian World Cup? Save your roubles with all dependants under 21 included under your policy at no additional cost.

Car Hire Excess

rental car excess

Driving between the 11 World Cup host cities? Our rental vehicle excess add-on is a must for roadtripping travellers.

easy claims

easy claims

We've done away with lengthy forms and have kept our claims process simple. We guarantee to assess fully documented claims in a flash.

Car Hire Excess

Peace Of Mind

Zoom to Zen. You can sit back and relax on your holiday knowing that Zoom travel insurance is backed by Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s most trusted insurers.


Got some curly questions in regards to your Russia travel insurance cover?
Be in the the know before you go with answers to the most common queries below.

  • Am I covered medically while holidaying in Russia?
  • Yes, all our policies cover for unlimited medical coverage. Zoom provides cover for your overseas medical expenses including hospital stays, surgery, doctor visits, emergency evacuation and repatriation home if required. We can provide written guarantees of payment of reasonable expenses directly with your hospital in emergency situations. Phew!

  • What happens if I need medical assistance in Russia?
  • Have complete peace of mind on your adventure to Russia. Zoom provides immediate support through our emergency assistance provider, First Assistance. Help is just a phone call away any time of day 365 days a year. This includes access to medical advisors, medical transfers and emergency evacuation if required. We also assist with passing on messages to family and returning unsupervised dependants back to Australia.

  • How do alcohol and drugs affect my cover in Russia?
  • When it comes to alcohol we advise you to drink in moderation. One too many vodkas could see you jeopardizing your cover. Please note that we may exclude any claims where excessive alcohol or illegal drugs have been involved.

  • I have high value items; how much can I insure them for?
  • If you have an expensive item that you just can’t leave behind you can insure it separately for up to $5,000. Please note that high value item cover is only available under our comprehensive plan.

  • Am I covered for pickpocketing in Russia?
  • Yes, you’re covered for muggings and pickpocketing, provided of course you were acting with reasonable care (i.e. did not leave your belongings unattended). If you’re the victim of a pickpocket, you’d be covered for loss, theft and damage to your luggage and personal effects. If you are robbed, it’s important that you get a police report and contact us as soon as possible.

  • What age limits apply to Zoom travel insurance policies?
  • You must be under the age of 85 to buy a policy with Zoom. Those under 79 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 365 days. Those aged between 80-85 years can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 184 days only. You must also be under the age of 69 to purchase our add-on ski or adventure packs.

  • What pre-existing conditions does Zoom cover?
  • We automatically cover 36 pre-existing medical conditions with no medical assessments or lengthy medical forms to complete. For further information and a full list of covered conditions head to our pre-existing medical conditions page.

  • What is a dependant?
  • This means your dependant children or grandchildren under the age of 19 at the date of policy issue who are travelling with you.


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