Case Studies

Hear from some of Zoom's customers as they recount their holiday nightmares heightening the importance of travel insurance more than ever.


Liliana Sheridan

On her first big family holiday, little Lilliana was a happy and healthy baby, and then halfway into the month-long trip, she came down with a fever, which turned out to be Meningococcal disease. Luckily, Liliana's family  were covered by Zoom Travel Insurance. Watch to hear Liliana's story.

Watch Liliana's story


Liliana Sheridan



Tom Haramis

Aussie dad Tom Haramis began coughing just days into a longed-for trip to Thailand. Days later, he was at death’s door.

Luckily, Tom was covered by Zoom Travel Insurance. Watch how Tom's holiday ordeal unfolded.

Watch Tom's story


Tom Haramis Case Study



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