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Whether you're just learning to surf, or have been hanging ten since your wee nipper days, a surfing holiday can be a fantastic way to master the waves while enjoying new and exotic locations. Not to mention the fact that you'll come home feeling fitter, stronger and more relaxed.


The world famous beaches of Bali, Fiji and Byron Bay are particularly popular surfing destinations for Aussies. These surfing hotspots are renowned for their stunning landscapes along with some top-rated sets and swells. They're also just a few hours flight away from home.

No matter if you're a fan of sandy sets or big lefts we at Zoom Travel Insurance would love to cover your surfing safari. Keep reading to find out more about our cover for water babies.

 What’s covered?

Medical expenses

Should you have a wet wipeout we will ease the pain by covering your medical fees, doctor’s appointment, x-rays and the cost of any medication you require. If your condition is severe we will also cover the cost to bring you home.

Emergency rescue

If you have a serious accident and need to get to the hospital pronto. We will arrange for a medical transfer or evacuation to the nearest hospital for emergency. We keep things zippy!

Cancellation cover

Having to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen reason would be disapointing enough, let alone having to forego all those travel costs! Surfing trips can be a costly investment so thankfully, we would cover your out-of pocket expenses should you have to cancel your trip.

Damaged boards

If you're favourite thruster has been trashed in transit you should seek compensation from your airline or transport carrier first. However, should they fail to come up with the goods, Zoom Travel Insurance will pick up the pieces.

Lost or stolen luggage

Catching waves can be extrememly tricky when you're busy worrying about your lost or stolen belongings. You can take full respite knowing that in the event that your luggage does go missing, Zoom would have you covered.


Relax bro! Sould a pocket pincher do a runner with your purse, Zoom will cover you for any lost or stolen items and in some cases, reimburse you for cash stolen too.

Lost or stolen passport

Hold on to your surfboard as Zoom will cover the cost of organising an emergency passport should you find it not to be in your possession.

And more…

What's not covered?

Unattended items

Even in a blissed-out beach haze, it's essential to keep your eyes on your belongings to ensure they are secure and protected. We would not cover theft if you did not take reasonable care to protect your belongings. Your stuff is important, so look after it.

Reckless behaviour

Travel insurance exists to cover you for unforeseen situations, however if you are intentionally putting yourself in harm's ways (for instance, by engaging in risky activities like cliff jumping), you would not be covered. We cannot be expected to cover you for reckless or dangerous behaviour.

Boards while in use

Gnarly waves are likely to put more than a ding in your prized posession, so ride easy as we do not cover you for damages while your board is in use.

Being intoxicated

We all like a tipple or two, especially on holidays. However if you should have an accident or lose your belongings when you are drinking or taking drugs we may not be able to cover you.



Car Hire Excess

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