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Looking for the right student travel insurance for your trip? Zoom lets students customise their policy so you're covered for exactly what you need, and not paying for the extras you don't. So whether you're hanging by the beach in Bali or trekking up to Base Camp, get unlimited medical benefits, plus cover for flights, luggage, high-value gadgets, adventure sports, skiing and more with a tailor-made policy as unique as you are.


Medical cover

medical cover

All Zoom policies include unlimited medical coverage, so whether it's a bad case of Bali belly or an emergency evac off a mountain, we've got your back.

easy claims


No-one wants to spend holiday-time filling out paperwork. Fill out our simple claims form and attach documents online when you get home, or while you're overseas. Too easy!

luggage cover

COVER for your luggage

Our Standard  and Comprehensive policies include $7,500 for your luggage so you can stress less if your phone goes AWOL.

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

You're automatically covered to trek to 6,000m, dive to 30m and more. Thrillseekers can choose our adventure add-on for even more thrilling activities.

Family emergencies

Family emergencies

An emergency back home can take the wind out of your sails.  Many family emergencies are covered under Zoom policies, so we can help get you home in a crisis.

24/7 emergency assistance

24/7 assistance

There's probably not a lot worse that being in hospital when you can't speak the language. Our 24/7 Assistance Team can liaise with doctors, arrange medical transfers and more, day or night.

scooter cover


Licensed to ride in Australia? You're covered to ride any engine size (provided you're following the local law). Only have a drivers license? You can ride scooters up to 50cc.

Car Hire Excess

Peace Of Mind

You can sit back and relax on your holiday knowing that you're covered by award winning travel insurance.


 Have a question about travel cover for students? You're not the only one!
Here are some of our frequently asked questions about student travel insurance. 
  • Why do students chose Zoom Travel Insurance?
  • Most students don't have a whole lot of extra money floating around. As we have three different base cover levels and optional add-ons, it is easy to create and customise a policy which is right for you, your trip and your budget. Compare our Basic, Standard, or Comprehensive cover levels, then consider our optional add-ons, like Snow Sports, Cruising, Adventure, Rental Vehicle Excess and High-Value Items

  • Can international students living in Australia buy a policy?
  • Not a permanent resident? No worries! We also cover non-residents who live in Australia who want to take a trip overseas, including international students, partner/defacto visas, 457 visas, TSS visas and more!

    You just have to be:
    - aged 74 years and under; and
    - hold a return ticket to Australia; and
    - have a home in Australia to which you intend to return (don't worry, renting or in a college is just fine - you don't need to own a home!); and
    - hold a valid visa or permit which provides access to all publicly funded health and disability services in Australia or you have private health insurance that adequately covers you and any dependants travelling with you for the entire duration of your policy and for the rest of your stay in Australia. 

    *Please note, Zoom does not cover for those in Australia here on tourist visas.

  • Is Zoom the right travel cover for me?
  • It depends entirely on you and your circumstances, such as your budget, your destination, your expenses and your particularly your health. Zoom is a really simple product, and we only cover 36 pre-existing conditions, as listed on our website and in our policy document. If you have a more complex health situation, you are still welcome to purchase a policy with us, but please be advised that if you have any claims related to your not-covered pre-existing condition, we would not be able to pay those claims. Always ready the PDS carefully to make sure the policy is right for you.

  • Am I covered for hiking and trekking?
  • You sure are - we automatically cover hiking and trekking under 3,000 feet on all Zoom policies. If you'd like to go higher, we cover up to 6,000 metres with our Adventure Pack add-on.

  • I'm backpacking for two years; can I buy a Zoom policy?
  • Unfortunately not, our maximum trip duration is one year for most travellers, and six months for travellers 80-85.

  • Am I covered medically if I'm injured doing an adventure activity?
  • Yes. If you were to have an unforeseen accident on holiday while participating in a listed activity, your medical expenses would be covered, so long as you were not intentionally putting yourself at risk.

  • Am I covered to ride a motorbike or scooter?
  • At Zoom, you're covered to ride a motorbike or scooter of any engine size provided you are licensed to do so in Australia. If you do not have a valid motorbike license then you can only ride a bike of 50cc using your Australian drivers license. You must also be wearing a helmet at all times.

  • What if I need to see a doctor overseas?
  • If you find yourself sick or injured whilst on your holiday it's important to get in touch with us asap. Our medical emergency team are just a phone call away and can help you with finding the nearest doctor, payment of your treatment, and peace of mind. Head to our contact us page to learn all our helpful numbers.

  • Am I covered for Bali belly, Malaria or Dengue Fever?
  • Travelling around developing countries can put you at risk of contracting nasty diseases. However, you can rest assured that all our policies cover you for Unlimited medical benefits if you were to fall ill. This includes access to hospitals, ambulance, doctors and evacuation and even repatriation home if required.

  • Am I covered to volunteer while I backpack?
  • Yes, Zoom policies do not impose any restrictions on volunteering overseas, assuming you were not intentionally putting yourself at risk.  If you are working with animals on your gap year you must purchase our Adventure Pack to be covered for any sort of Animal Handling. 

  • Am I covered to study overseas on my gap year?
  • Yes, whether you're going overseas for business, pleasure or to study, Zoom's policies cover you if you have decided to further your education abroad. However, Zoom's policies have a maximum trip duration of 365 days, so bear this in mind when you've decided on your course duration. 

  • Am I covered to teach English abroad?
  • Yes, Zoom policies do not impose any restrictions on teaching English overseas, assuming you were not intentionally putting yourself at risk, or travelling to a destination that Smartraveller advised against travelling to. 

  • Am I covered for elephant riding?
  • Yes, Zoom policies cover for elephant, camel, or horse riding automatically. Check out our adventure activities page for more information.

    Please be advised that many tourist attractions involving animals may involve animal cruelty and the captivity of wild animals - we recommend you do your research before participating.

  • Am I covered for bungee jumping?
  • Automatically! Zoom policies cover bungee jumping, as well as a range of other adventure sports and activities automatically. If you want to do something even more thrilling, you can add on our Adventure Pack. Refer to our adventure activities page for more information of what's covered.

  • If I drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, am I still covered?
  • Holidays are for enjoying yourself, but it has to be in moderation. You are welcome to have an espresso martini or three, but drinking to excess may void your claim. Different countries have different rules around drugs and alcohol, but if you breaking the law, we will not be able to pay your claim.

  • Can I insure my expensive GoPro or camera?
  • Normal luggage and personal effects claims are subject to depreciation, which means you will likely get less than you paid for an item, based on its age, wear and tear, etc. If you are taking an expensive item and would like it to be covered for its full value, you can list it on your policy as a high-value item for coverage of up to $5000. Please note that high-value item cover is only available under our Comprehensive plan.

  • Am I covered for mugging or pickpocketing?
  • Yes, all our travel insurance policies (excluding Medical-Only) cover your belongings in the event of pickpocketing or mugging. This is provided that you were acting with reasonable care (i.e. you did not leave your belongings unattended). If you are robbed, it is important to get a police report as soon as possible (within 24 hours of the incident). 

  • Does your travel cover extend to all destinations?
  • Travelling can be amazing fun, but it can also carry some risks which we aren't able to cover for. Zoom covers all destinations, provided that there is no active warning from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advising that you should 'reconsider your need to travel' or 'do not travel'. Check out the Smartraveller website to find out more.

  • Am I covered if I miss a flight?
  • If bad weather, a strike, riot, natural disaster, hijacking or civil commotion means that you miss your flight or it is cancelled, you can rest easy knowing that all our policies (other than Medical-Only) have got your back. If you miss your flight for reasons that are the airline's responsibility - they overbooked, their pilot slept in, etc, it would typically fall on your airline to make sure you are booked onto another flight and compensated appropriately.

  • What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen?
  • If you have a Standard, Comprehensive or Frequent Traveller policy, we reimburse the cost to replace your passport, credit cards and travel documents (eg. visas, travel passes) if they're lost, stolen or used fraudulently whilst overseas.  Our emergency assistance team can assist you to locate the relevant embassy or consular services if required.



All the bells and whistles - unlimited medical and cancellation cover, $7,500 for luggage, $5 million in public liability cover and more!


Our mid-range policy - unlimited medical, plus $25,000 in cancellation, $7,500 in luggage and $2.5 million in public liability cover.


None of the frills - just unlimited medical coverage and $2.5 million in public liability cover for those on a budget.

Frequent traveller

Bit of a globetrotter? This annual policy lets you leave Australia as many times as you like in a year, for a maximum of 15 or 45 days.


Take advantage of unlimited cancellation cover, $7,500 luggage cover and an automatically included $5,000 rental vehicle excess cover.



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