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Dive to Cover


There's no better activity that exploring the beauty and diversity of the underwater world.  However, a scuba diving mishap on your holiday can quickly  sink your trip. Zoom's scuba diving travel insurance will cover you for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost luggage, family emergencies & more! Water are you waiting for? Zoom to it!


Medical cover

medical cover

Don't worry about medical costs on your well deserved beach break. With Zoom, you can rest easy knowing that your medical expenses will be covered.


luggage cover

Whether you've packed light, or the weight of your suitcase is giving you a fright, Zoom's baggage cover offers a wide range of options to suit all types of travellers and budgets.

Kids Go Free

kids go free

Any dependants travelling with you are covered free of charge. And if you need to return home due to a medical emergency, they'll be covered to return home with you.  

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

Snokelling in Koh Samui or diving in the Philippines. Get cover for your fast paced activities with our adventure pack.


riding a scooter

At Zoom, you're covered to ride a motorbike or scooter of any engine size provided you are licensed to do so in Australia!

Emergency assistance

24/7 assistance

Your health is our number one priority. Our emergency assistance experts are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

easy claims

easy claims

We've done away with lengthy forms and have kept our claims process simple and speedy. We guarantee to assess fully documented claims in a flash.

Car Hire Excess

Peace Of Mind

Zoom to Zen. You can sit back and relax on your holiday knowing that you’re covered by award winning travel insurance.


  • Is scuba diving covered automatically with Zoom?
  • We automatically cover diving to a depth no greater than 10 metres. You must hold an open water diving licence recognised in Australia or dive with an instructor licensed for these activities. If you wish to dive to a deeper depth you can purchase our adventure pack which covers you to dive to a depth no greater than 30 metres. You must hold an open water diving licence recognised in Australia or dive with an instructor licensed for these activities. You must not fly with 24 hours of your last dive.

  • Can I insure my diving equipment?
  • Yes, you can cover your expensive items with Zoom's High Value Item add-on. Our standard luggage cover is available up to $7,500 for all items combined. However, single item limits apply; personal laptops and computers are insured up to $3,000, mobile phones and tablets up to $1,000, and all other items up to $750. If you're taking an expensive piece of diving equipment away on your holidays, you can choose to insure it separately for up to $5,000 prior to your journey commencing. For any new purchases made during your trip, our standard per item limits apply. For more information on how to insure your expensive belongings visit our High Value Items page.

  • Are my medical fees covered if I am injured whilst diving?
  • Yes. If you were to have an unforeseen accident whilst diving, assuming you were acting responsibly and adhering to the conditions of our cover, your medical expenses would be covered.

  • Does Zoom cover snorkelling?
  • Yes we cover recreational snorkelling, not when you are competing or doing so in a professional manner.

  • Does Zoom cover shark cage diving?
  • Yes we cover shark cage diving under appropriate supervision with a person who possesses the neccesary skills, qualifications and liceninsing appropriate to the activity being undertaken.

  • Are there any circumstances when I wouldn't be covered?
  • If at any time during your holiday you are intentionally putting yourself at risk and not acting in a responsible mannor, you could find your cover invalidated. For example, if you flew less than 24 hours after your last dive, putting yourself at risk of decompression sickness, we may be unable to cover you. 

  • Which activities are excluded?
  • We don’t cover dives greater than 30 metres in depth, for cliff jumping, boating in international waters, spear fishing or any kind of professional or competition sports. For a full list of excluded activities please refer to our policy wording.


Each Zoom plan has different policy benefits. You can minimise your costs with Medical Only cover, or choose to buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance for extra protection to cover things like travel delays and cancellation. Compare Zoom's Travel Insurance plans online today.

Like all travel insurance plans, they don't cover everything. Just the unexpected.
You should read your policy document (PDS) carefully to ensure you select the cover that is best for you.

You can add optional cover for extras such as Rental Vehicle Excess if you are hiring a car, Sports Activities Pack if you’re feeling adventurous and Snow Cover if you are hitting the slopes.  These can be added during the quote process.  


Adventure Activities

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of adventure activities for your trip.

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Family cover 

Need family travel insurance? Our family travel insurance will cover your whole brood for trip cancellation, lost luggage, family emergencies, rental vehicle excess & more.

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Rental Car Excess 

Hiring a car on your holiday? Zoom's rental vehicle excess add-on covers you for any dings, dents or theft to your hire car. 

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