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Getting around on two wheels can be a thrilling way to see the world.  Whether you're zipping around Bali on a scooter, cruising the Amalfi Coast on a vespa, or motoring through Mexico on a motorcycle, Zoom travel insurance has you covered.  With Zoom you don't pay any extra for the freedom to ride, but there are some conditions that apply, so read on before jumping on the saddle.
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motorbike engine capacity

ALL engine sizes coverED

At Zoom, you're covered to ride a motorbike or scooter of any engine size provided that the driver in control is licensed to ride that class of bike.

wear a helmet

protect your noggin

A motorcycle helmet must be worn, regardless of whether or not it is a requirement of the local laws for the country you are in.

motorbike licence

legally licenced

The driver must hold a current motorcycle license valid for the country you are in.  If you crash without being properly licence, you're not covered.

don't drink and ride

don't drink & RIDE

If you have an accident whilst you're intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs your claim is likely to be denied.  Play it safe and ride sober.

emergency assistance

emergency ASSISTANCE 

Your health is our number one priority. Our emergency assistance experts are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

medical cover

accident &

If you have a motorbike accident and are injured overseas, we'll pay for your emergency medical treatment and hospital expenses.

easy claims

easy claims

We’ve kept our claims process simple and guarantee to assess fully documented claims within 10 business days.

peace of mind

Peace Of Mind

Zoom to Zen. You can relax into your saddle knowing that you’re covered by award winning travel insurance.


Zipping around on a motorcycle overseas is a great way to mix with the locals, but make sure you go about it the right way.  
Review our commonly asked questions to ensure that Zoom travel insurance will have you covered if you fall off and get hurt.
  • Am I covered while riding a scooter, moped or motorbike overseas?
  • In short, yes you are covered.  All Zoom policies cover you to ride a motorbike (whether you are the driver or passenger pillion) but you must be properly licenced; wear a helmet; and obey by the rules of the road.

  • Are there any restrictions on the type of motorbike?
  • No, at Zoom we cover you to ride any two-wheeled or three-wheeled motorised bike including motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters, vespas, and mopeds.

  • How do I add this cover to my policy? 
  • You don't need to do add anything to your policy. Zoom automatically covers you for riding a motorbike at no additional cost. Whether you're hiring a moped for one day or a motorbike for a month, we've got you covered as long as you're wearing a helmet and the driver is licenced to ride that class of bike.

  • Is the motorbike or scooter covered if I have an accident?
  • No, rental vehicles including motorbikes are not covered by your travel insurance. The same goes for the rental insurance excess, which refers to the amount you’ll have to pay the rental company if the bike gets damaged.  Insurance on the vehicle is generally included in your daily rental cost for the bike.

  • Does it matter where I rent the motorcycle or scooter from?
  • Your Zoom policy covers you for any injuries you sustain while riding regardless of where you have hired the bike from.  However you should make sure that ther rental company is legitimate.  It pays to read the rental agreement to understand how much you would have to pay if the motorbike or scooter is damaged.   Ask for a pre-rental damage report or take photos of the bike before you leave. There have been cases of travellers being held accountable for damage that they didn't cause.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet?
  • Yes, preferably one that protects your whole face. It's compulsory to wear a helmet in Thailand, Cambodia and Bali, but no matter which country you’re riding in, to be covered under your travel insurance policy, you must wear a helmet.  Even if you are not reqiured by the law to wear a helmet in that country, our travel insurance policy requires you to wear one. You’ll also need a helmet if you are a passenger on a motorcycle, moped or scooter.  If you’re not wearing a helmet during an accident, you won’t be covered.

  • Is my Australian licence valid overseas?
  • Licence requirements vary from country to country but an Internation Driving Permit (IDP) is recognised in most countries and recommended as the best way to ensure that you're properly licenced to drive or ride overseas. Particularly where English is not a native language as it provides translations into many languages.

    International Driving Permits are issued through state and territory motoring clubs. To obtain an IDP you should contact the relevant IDP authority in your state.

    The permit is not a substitute for your licence. It’s proof that you hold a valid driving or riding licence in your home country, and allows you to drive or ride the same class of vehicle covered by your licence in your home country. So if your motorbike licence restricts the engine size of the vehicles you can ride, you can’t legally ride a scooter or motorbike with a larger engine capacity while overseas.
    In many countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates, you can only legally drive if you have an International Driver’s Permit.

    In some countries, such as in Vietnam, you may also be required to hold a local licence. In a few countries like Laos and Indonesia, there is also the option of getting a local licence instead of an IDP.  Remember though, getting a local licence will only be valid for the country you are in, you can’t use that licence to ride a motorbike or scooter outside that country! This would be riding illegally, and your travel insurance wont provide you with cover.

    You still need to carry your Australian driving or riding licence with you when you travel.

    Read on for more tips on riding a motorcylce overseas.

  • Am I covered for motorcycling overseas with a Learner's permit?
  • Generally, in order to obtain an International Drivers Permit (IDP), you need to be fully licenced in Australia. However, with Zoom you are covered while riding a motorcycle on L plates provided that your Learner's permit is accepted in the country that you are travelling in for the engine size of the motorbike you ride.

  • Are there any exclusions to pay attention to?
  • Accidents do happen so it’s important to make sure you have travel insurance that provides cover for riding motorbikes and scooters overseas.  Like all insurances, some limits and exclusions will apply.  We won't pay any claims if you violate your rental agreement; or if you are affected by alcohol or illegal drugs; you don't hold the correct licence for the vehicle you're operating; you are not wearing appropriate protective gear; or you are not obeying local traffic laws. Please refer to Zoom's PDS for more information.


 Whether it's a vespa, moped, chopper or scooter, motorcyling overseas comes with heightened risk. Every year, hundreds of Australian tourists are involved in serious motorcycle accidents abroad.  With injuries ranging from road rash, broken bones, concussion, serious head injuries and tragically even death, it's important to err on the side of caution. Read our tips on becoming a safer rider overseas.

At Zoom, we want you to enjoy the ride, but above all, survive. 


It is highly likely that the road rules and traffic conditions of the country you are travelling in will be different to Australia. So it's a good idea to do your research online before you hit the road. You may have to drive on the opposite side of the road, or if you're a habiutal honker, be warned that it may be illegal to honk your horn. Familiarising yourself with the local traffic laws and road culture of the country you planning on riding in can assist to keep you on your bike and in control.

Safety standards can also differ from the high-levels of precaution we experience at home.  Particularly when riding in South East Asian countries where roads may be poorly maintained, street lighting can be non-existent, stray animals roam free, livestock can be a menace and the quality of hemets can be substandard.


Whether it's an international or local licence, make sure that you hold a valid licence for the country you are riding in. If you ride a motorcycle other than what you can legally ride in Australia, you will invalidate your travel insurance.

For further reading, we reccomend checking out the following links to understand the driving and licence requirements for popular travel destinations.

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It may not be ideal beach attire but wearing long pants, a jacket and closed in shoes location attire but Bintang singlets, shorts and thongs are not going to protect you in the event of an accident. r further info I recommend reading the following:

business, by opting for a metered taxi service, you can avoid rookie ripoffs.  Note that you will need to pay CASH to the driver so remember to have some local currency or get some out from the ATM.


Riding a motorcycyle overseas can be hazardous and hospital stays or repatiration costs to get you back to Australia if you are injured following a crash can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.  So, it's important to make sure you have travel insurance that provides cover for riding motorbikes and scooters overseas.


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