High End Holidays

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Have you got some luxurious luggage, a swish suit or some plush photographic equipment?
Whether you travel regularly for business or are planning a family getaway, taking high value items on your holiday can be risky.
Luckily we've got travel insurance options for your exxy items.  What are you waiting for? Zoom to it!




Your stuff is precious and we get that. Take off on your journey knowing your luxurious luggage is covered with our high value add-on.


& lens

Top-of-the-line cameras don't come cheap! Get picture perfect with $5,000 additional cover for your classy camera and lens. Say cheese!

phone tablet

phones & tablets

Can't be without Facebook on your foray? Cover your smartphone to keep you online all trip long. #totes

24 hour help

laptops & Computers

Need your laptop for your business trip? Pay a little extra and relax knowing your work gadgets are covered too.



Heading on a cycling holiday? Make sure you don't veer off course with a Zoom's cycling pack covering your beloved bike up to $5,000.

Golf cover

golf clubs

Don’t be caught swinging without adequate club cover! Get a hole in one with extra insurance for your entire golf set. 

Family emergencies


We make it wheel easy to add extra cover for your fancy get-around. We put the 'zip' in zoom! 

Medical cover

Medical equipment

Your health is number one priority when you travel.  Safeguard your medical equipment with Zoom's cover.


Can't be without your fancy camera or designer purse? Cover your expensive items with Zoom's High Value Item add-on.
For more detail regarding your coverage take a look at some of our popular expensive items FAQ's below.
  • What is a high value item?
  • Our standard luggage cover is available up to $7,500 for all items combined. However, single item limits apply; personal laptops and computers are insured up to $3,000, mobile phones and tablets up to $1,000, and all other items up to $750. If you have an expensive item that does not fit into these categories, you can choose to insure it separately for up to $5,000.

  • Can I add high-value cover on all Zoom policies?
  • No, please note that high value item cover is only available under our Comprehensive plan.  Specified high value items can only be added prior to your journey commencing.

  • How can I prove how much my item is worth?
  • You will need to provide a receipt or letter of evaluation to prove worth and ownership.

  • Does depreciation apply to high value items I specify with Zoom?
  • No. We do not apply depreciation to any high value items you specify on your policy. Please note that we will not pay more than the original purchase price for any one item. We also have the option to repair or replace the item instead of reimbursing you for the item’s value.

  • Can I add additional cover for jewellery?
  • No, you cannot purchase increased cover for jewellery, snow sport equipment or watercraft (other than surfboards).

  • Does Zoom's high value cover include ski equipment?
  • No, You cannot purchase increased cover for jewellery, snow sport equipment or watercraft (other than surfboards). However, our Ski Pack add-on over provides cover for unlimited overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses, $1,000 cover for piste closure, bad weather & avalanche, and $1,500 for loss or damage to your own snow sport equipment. You will also be covered for the value of any unused ski pass, ski hire or tuition fees (up to $750) following the loss or theft of your ski pass, or you being unable to ski following an accident or illness.

  • Does Zoom cover golf clubs?
  • Yes, our Golf Pack add-on provides cover for your own golf equipment (golf clubs, golf bag, golf trolley and golf shoes), golf equipment hire (golf clubs, golf bag, golf trolley and golf shoes), golf green fees and hole in one cover.

  • Does Zoom cover bicycle/s?
  • Yes. You will need to buy the Bicycle Pack add-on to cover your bicycle. 'Bicycle Pack' covers for any loss, theft of or damage to a bicycle. We will pay or reimburse you up to $5,000 for any one bicycle and the maximum amount we will pay for all claims combined is $15,000. You can cover up to five bikes under the Bicycle Pack. Please note: No cover is provided under this section for any bicycle accessories (including but not limited to tools, bicycle pumps, lights, helmets, etc.) as these items are covered under luggage and personal effects.

  • What if I lose one of a pair?
  • Some things are better in pairs! If you lose one item of a pair, we will reimburse you for the cost of both. So if you were to lose the one shoe, we would cover you for the pair.

  • What items are not covered?
  • You cannot purchase increased cover for jewellery, snow sport equipment or watercraft (other than surfboards). We also do not cover you for damages while your items are in use, such as golf clubs, surf boards, skis etc.

  • What exclusions might affect my claim?
  • We do not cover for general deterioration of your belongings or any damage due to cleaning, repair or alteration, or wear & tear.

  • If I buy an expensive item on holiday, can I insure it from overseas?
  • You can shop 'til you drop abroad as we provide cover for new purchases made on your journey, however the standard per item limits will apply.  We cannot insure any specified high value items for new purchases you make once your journey has commenced.


Each Zoom plan has different policy benefits. You can minimise your costs with Medical Only cover, or choose to buy Comprehensive Travel Insurance for extra protection to cover things like travel delays and cancellation. Compare Zoom's Travel Insurance plans online today.

Like all travel insurance plans, they don't cover everything. Just the unexpected.
You should read your policy document (PDS) carefully to ensure you select the cover that is best for you.

You can add optional cover for extras such as Rental Vehicle Excess if you are hiring a car, Sports Activities Pack if you’re feeling adventurous and Snow Cover if you are hitting the slopes.  These can be added during the quote process.