$100,000 Thailand Swine Flu Nightmare

Customer case study

Aussie dad Tom, 46 from Sydney began coughing at the start of his longed-for trip to Thailand... days later he was in a coma.
Luckily, Tom's medical expenses were covered by Zoom Travel Insurance. Watch how Tom's holiday ordeal unfolded.


Just days into what was supposed to be a dream family holiday, 46-year-old Tom began to feel unwell. 

Tom, along with his wife and daughter, had been enjoying a luxury Thailand trip with all the trimmings.  
“We’d just begun our family vacation over the Christmas break”  “We did everything you could think of doing during a beautiful holiday including five-star dining....until I got sick. “ 



Tom zoom case study 1

Tom having a fantastic time in Thailand before falling sick.


Tom's situation went from bad to worse

Within 24 hours he started to come down with a nasty cough which kept him in bed for five days. Within 48 hours Tom's body was shutting down.

Tom's situation quickly went from bad to worse when we was rushed to hospital and only remembers regaining conscious a week later. 

Tom woke up seven days later to discover that he had been put in an induced coma. He had caught swine flu which had led to pneumonia.


Tom zoom case study 2

Tom in induced coma


A gradual recovery 

Due to his weakened state, Tom was restricted from airline travel and would require ongoing rehabilitation for several weeks.  

He spent almost three weeks in hospital. Due to his lung capacity and cabin pressure he couldn’t clear the medical bill to go back home and therefore had to stay in Thailand for a few more weeks. In total Tom spent 47 days in Thailand before he could see his family again.

Once discharged, Tom was overcome with gratitude for the team that had helped him throughout his traumatic experience. 

Tom said,

“It was quite emotional for me coming out of hospital. As my wife has been dealing with my insurance case manager, I needed to get on the phone and thank them from the bottom of my heart. They not only came to the rescue but really helped us from a financial level.” 

Arriving back home was an overwhelmingly emotional experience

“From the minute the plane landed home, it was everything. I was finally going to see my daughter, who was waiting for me outside. It chokes me up as during that time all I could think of was, ‘I could have died’. I wouldn’t have been able to walk my daughter down the aisle.” 


Tom zoom case study 3

Tom recovering slowly


Tom's $100,000 medical expenses paid by Zoom

Tom explains,

“Because I was insured with Zoom travel insurance, my experience with the hospital was amazing. They were there every step of the way, making early morning phone calls, approving bills, I mean, we didn’t have anything to worry about.” 

Despite his frightening experience, Tom says that he felt constantly reassured and cared for. 

“I woke up traumatised from this health scare but had the peace of mind that Zoom were there every step of the way.” 

“Zoom covered all our out-of-pocket expenses, my medical bills which amounted to $100,000 and they were there every step of the way. They communicated with my wife and there wasn’t a moment where we weren’t looked after.” 

Tom says he would never travel without insurance and warns others not to run the risk

“Take out travel insurance because you just don’t know what’s going to happen on the other side of the world. For a price of $300 for a travel insurance policy, versus a hundred-thousand-dollar hospital bill that Zoom travel insurance just took care of- it’s a no-brainer.”  




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